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1-Day Leadership Accelerator

The Leadership Accelerator is a one-day leadership development event that will help your business define what successful leadership in the post-pandemic era looks like. Through two keynotes, breakouts and actioning next steps, we'll create the space to incubate great thinking that can evolve and revive your leaders' performance after the setbacks from the pandemic. Our speakers blend together decades of experience in executive leadership, coaching and psychotherapy, to uniquely address this moment in organizational history.


Note: The 1-Day Leadership Accelerator can be customized for your organization's needs and schedules.

Get in touch with us to discuss how. 

The Agenda:


Keynote #1: Post-Pandemic Leadership: For A New Frontier of Productivity


Breakout discussion groups 

Actioning next steps


Keynote #2: Wellbeing at Work: A Vision for Post-Pandemic Organizations


Breakout discussion groups 

Actioning next steps 

Team Meeting

Learning Outcomes:


  • Gain deeper insights into the drivers of workplace stress and disengagement

  • Understand the leadership mindsets and actions that increase performance and 
    promote better psychological health at work

  • Gain practical knowledge and acquire tools that will help with management tasks

Keynote #1

Post-Pandemic Leadership: For A New Frontier of Productivity

Marv Franz

Inspired leadership

With the prospect of a permanent shift toward remote or hybrid workplaces, ongoing psychological stress of employees and the need for increased productivity and innovation, organizations of all kinds will face daunting challenges in a post-pandemic world. Drawing upon his global experience in creating thriving workplace cultures, Marv will share about the leadership mindsets that will be critical for success and how to make the shifts required to help employees thrive. Creating the right post pandemic leadership culture can make all the difference to sustaining productivity, engagement and innovation.

CLICK above to hear from Marv Franz

Keynote #2

Wellbeing at Work: A Vision for Post-Pandemic Organizations

Raechel Pefanis

Inspired leadership

Based on her thousands of sessions with professionals, Raechel will paint the compelling case for psychological wellness in the workplace. She will talk about the three keys that unlock thriving, and how business leaders are uniquely positioned to be conduits for emotional wellbeing in the face of human hardship. Leaders who understand and align their actions to these three keys gain a massive advantage toward building great cultures that make people and organizations resilient. Leaning into a bit of discomfort, leaders will learn a bit more about this unconventional aspect of business life, and learn how to be good caretakers of psychological wellbeing at work. 

CLICK above to hear from Raechel Pefanis

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