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As we worked with our clients over 2020, we grew more and more convinced that the challenges organizations are facing in 2021 are a completely new frontier. We believe that the challenge to grow the human operating system at work is the biggest one that organizations face, complicated by the stress of the worldwide pandemic. We also believe that hard situations are the perfect conditions for a renaissance, of sorts; a space in which to shake off old habits, evolve our organizations, and meet the challenges of a new day with learning that is new. Organizations can come out of the pandemic better and more competitive than what they were before...but only if that learning occurs. 

Winding Roads

Get to know the Post-Pandemic Leadership Team

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Marv Franz, MBA

Marv Franz


New Vantage

Marv Franz is the Principal of New Vantage and consults with leaders, senior management teams and boards to help them bring transformation to their organizations.

Marv has applied fifteen years of consulting experience in North America, South America, Africa and Asia. He has worked with over sixty organizations including small firms to Fortune 500 companies.

His leadership development work within a leading governmental organization contributed to receiving the Governor General’s Order of Excellence, the highest national award for organizational excellence along with
a social innovation partnership with Harvard University. This experience led to co-authoring his book, The Inspired Workplace: How Building Community at Work Unlocks Organizational Poten- tial.

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Raechel Pefanis

Raechel Pefanis

Red Maple Coaching

Raechel provides over two decades of expertise  as a psychotherapist and coach, and is an entrepreneurnial leader in the field of mental health in Canada. She is the owner of Red Maple Coaching & Counselling Services aimed at developing the person behind the professional, whose purpose is articulated in her book, The Person Behind the Professional: Cognitive Behavioural Coaching for Everyday Workplaces. Raechel is an influencer within her field, where her vision and passion have helped other professionals thrive as the result of her various curricula, used in institutes across Canada. Prior to her current work, she founded, built and sold a successful multi-site CBT clinic, and the largest CBT training program within Canada. She is a certified professional coach, CBT / EMDR therapist, instructor and supervisor, and a proud Indigenous woman from the Turtle Clan. 

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Jim Hurlburt

Jim Hurlburt


New Vantage

Jim is a Senior Consulting Partner with New Vantage, and brings 25 years of broad
business leadership experience
as a performance management
consultant, business coach,
attorney and mediator. At
BNSF Railway, a Berkshire
Hathaway Company, Jim offered
a unique blend of performance
management consulting,
coaching, mentoring and oral
and written advocacy to deliver
consistent and outstanding
business results for BNSF. He
built and maintained strong
business relationships with
BNSF’s 13 Labor Organizations,
providing expertise in employee
engagement, next generation
communications, conflict
resolution, conflict management,
knowledge management,
change management, and
leadership training. Jim received
wide acclaim for the cultural
and business impact through
successful implementation of
Leadership Circles.

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