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Post-Pandemic Leadership:

For a New Frontier of Productivity

Program Overview


Equipping leaders for their post-pandemic reality.





The Post-Pandemic Leadership program offers a fresh immersive one-day experience designed for middle managers, senior leaders, decision-makers and people leaders within your organization. The 1-Day Accelerator, designed for large groups, features two integrated keynote addresses that speak to the productivity challenges facing organizations in the wake of the pandemic. The first explores the leadership challenges related to business and workplace evolution, and the second delves into the psychology of pandemic-related trauma in the workforce. In breakout sessions, participants will discuss how the content maps onto their own workplace experiences, and leave being better informed and personally inspired to lead. Sessions will also include actioning for next steps so that your braintrust can help identify concrete ways to put your learning into action


Leadership Circles are a ‘go-deeper' option that allow for flexible packaging and formats for small group cohort learning. In 90-minute facilitated sessions, participants will be equipped to address some or all of the 10 Engagement Challenges in a post-pandemic workplace. 

The Post-Pandemic Leadership program will address the following experiences of that your leaders face:

  • Managing business disruption and change effectively

  • Reinvigorating productivity and performance 

  • Diminished workforce capacity due to mental decline 

  • Employee disengagement and retention of talent

  • Overcoming the barriers to collaboration 


**Note that customization for varied organizational contexts is available. Get in touch with us to discuss how.

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Governments and businesses will need to address the health and economic crises, but the looming mental health crisis is just as important - it just isn't as immediately observable. 

- Deloitte   

Why it Matters​



Success comes from the right focus at the right time. 

The pandemic has changed the game on productivity. Our remote work environment has blurred the lines between home and work, as well as personal and professional. Teams are experiencing less engaging interactions with colleagues, and workflows can be clunky. Add on an overlay of fear, uncertainty and trauma caused by the pandemic, and it is no wonder that leaders are perplexed on how to lead effectively in these times.


Knowing how to support the psychological health of employees will be key to driving productivity on all fronts. Whether it’s called "Emotional Intelligence 2.0" or an upgrade on your "human operating system", it is vital for leadership to dig in and increase their awareness, knowledge, and skills of people leadership at this time. More than ever, strong people leadership will put your business into the top tier of high performing organizations. HBR recently reported that those companies that have excelled at managing the time, talent and energy in a work from home environment are up to 40% more productive. 


Our unique and integrated expertise in high performing leadership cultures, as well as psychological expertise in overcoming adversity, can help your business to produce a winning advantage, and contribute to the healing our workplaces need. A focus on strong people leadership right now will deliver: 

  • Effective collaboration

  • Deploying top talent

  • Inspiring employee engagement

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 Raechel Pefanis

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 Marv Franz

Program Impacts

Strong people leadership is more important than ever. Program participants will be equipped to: 

  • Drive business results, without adding to burnout and stress of team members

  • Build teams that foster highly supportive environments 

  • Lead and support change in a way that increases energy and minimizes fear 

  • Feel confident with performance conversations that may wade into topics of mental wellness

How organizations benefit:

  • Deepen collective insights into how the traumatic impacts of the pandemic effect human productivity

  • Identify the shifts in leadership approaches that are now required to be successful organizations

  • Create a shared vision among a team of leaders for responding to the challenges of a post-pandemic workforce

How leaders benefit: 

  • Gain deeper insights into the drivers of workplace stress and disengagement

  • Understand the leadership mindsets and actions that increase performance and promote better psychological health at work 

  • Gain practical knowledge and acquire tools that will help with management tasks

In the 1-Day Leadership Accelerator, teams will focus on the mindsets and tools needed to meet the challenges of post-pandemic leadership. Participants will:

  • Be inspired with keynotes on a vision for post-pandemic leadership

  • Engage in facilitated breakout learning sessions to interact with the themes

  • Identify actionable next steps that improve productivity

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Learning and Development

Leadership Circles™ are gatherings of small groups to go deeper on challenges that leaders face. Our proven, award-winning methodology offers a powerful peer learning experience that: 

  • Strengthens trust and support, and creates insight

  • Provide tools and methodologies

  • Fosters a call to action that improves engagement